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Permanent Hair Removal Solutions

Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Reduction

Say No to painful visits to the parlor for threading, waxing, plucking and shaving with our Laser Hair Reduction solutions. The latest ‘Triple Wavelength Diode Laser’ provides long lasting hair reduction, without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. The high-end USFDA approved machines assess your skin type and other parameters for a safe, pain free, quick and effective hair reduction solution. At De Derma, we provide customised packages and recommend the number of sessions based on your skin and hair type.

Men too can avail laser hair reduction solutions for beard shaping and to get rid of unwanted hair on their ears, chest etc.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction

You can target selective areas
Suitable for all types of skins
Permanent solution
Safe and painless process

Areas Suitable For Laser Hair Reduction